Surfacing Specialists Specialists in block paving, tarmac laying and surfacing are trained to make smart and cost-effective decisions. They’re in charge of selecting the appropriate surface treatment for a specific project. In order to remain competitive and relevant, they must also keep abreast with the developments in surfacing technology.

Projects Handled

Contractors may handle residential and commercial projects. They handle residential projects for the construction of driveways, ramps, tennis courts and other structures that can make the home more attractive. Bay of Plenty Asphalt Ltd  says a touch of asphalt is the secret to a charming and functional home.

A commercial surfacing project usually includes drainage system installation. It starts with the excavation of the site in preparation for the concrete works and other construction activities.

The contractors evaluate the project and choose the best material. They choose the right type of material based on the set of engineering criteria. For instance, they decide if asphalt or chipseal is the best material for a specific project. Specialists and contractors also weigh the potential risks on top of the structural considerations.

Scope of the Services

Veteran companies that offer surfacing services for commercial and residential locations usually have extensive experience in laying down surfaces for roads, supermarkets, sports centres and playgrounds. They also have experience in laying down surfaces for subdivisions, forecourts, car parks, retail parks showrooms, local schools, fuel stations, retirement communities and airfields.

These companies may also provide upgrades and repair services of parks, housing and industrial estates. Some offer the installation of concrete ramps, footpaths, crash barriers, block and flag paving, as well as jointing repairs and surface maintenance. Others specialise in groundworks, while some concentrate on the decorative and coloured surfacing.

Surfacing specialists have the skills to make your resurfacing project successful. Good specialists abide by strict quality standard and can provide you a value for your money. They can provide services for residential and commercial surfacing needs.