SnoringSleep apnoea is an unorthodox situation where a dentist is useful. ENT doctors usually handles problems in snoring most of the time. While teeth doctors deal with oral issues, do not discount them just yet when dealing with man’s most irritating sleeping habit.

Knowing What You Have

The first step to curing sleep apnoea is determining if one really does have the same disorder. Snoring is the sound made by the partial blockage of the airway while in obstructive sleep apnoea the entire airway is blocked. In either case, the snorer can wake up without ever realising it or wake from the sleep feeling exhausted due to the gasping and choking.

OSA is a much serious case and likely to need an ENT doctor to help with the condition. On the other hand, snoring can happen to everyone. It is much easier to heal than sleep apnoea, but do not make the mistake of prolonging the predicament. The chance of dying from it is very low; as for waking up the family in the middle of the night, one will definitely receive the worst of their collective anger.

Dentists to the Rescue

The best thing about dental-based snoring solutions is it works for people with mild to moderate sleep apnoea and excessive snoring. The mandibular advancement device is the popular choice for dentists in curing basic snoring problems. This mouth guard-looking dental device holds the jaw forward, opening up one’s throat to allow more space in the airway.

Another option is a tongue-retraining device. As said in the name, its objective is to hold one’s tongue in the right position to keep the airway open. Some dentists in Southampton and other cities also recommend CPAP devices, but it is more common for ENT GPs to use such a machine.

DIY Solutions

As effective dental devices are, it only does half the work. The other half will fall upon the person’s responsibility. After all, they have the condition; it could be cutting back on smokes, losing some weight or with positional techniques.

It will be a long time before snoring is immediately curable. For now, people can settle on excellent methods and innovative devices to rid them of this illness.