When it’s cold, everybody complains about the cold, but when it’s hot, everybody complains about the heat. Bottom line is, nobody is ever satisfied with the weather. That is why your homes, cars, offices, and malls are equipped with not only air conditioners but also heaters.

So unless you are in a perpetually perfect weather, here are some tips to battle the cold or tolerate the heat.

Air ConditionerAir Conditioning and Heaters

The most obvious choices are installing these useful devices in your place of work or anywhere you spend most of your time. If you do not know how to maximise both appliances, better ask the opinion of commercial airconditioning service crew and have them install these for you before winter gets too cold or summer gets too hot.

The Miracle of Food

Cold weather causes SAD, or seasonal affective disorder, a type of depression that comes with the season. SAD can literally dampen your day and it commonly causes cravings. Instead of eating cakes and other junk foods, eat pasta, brown rice, or legumes.

For hot weather, fruits like watermelon, pineapples, and apples can help regulate body heat. Surprisingly, spicy food can also help people tolerate the heat, which is why people from tropical regions and Middle East eat a lot of spicy food. When eaten, spicy foods can cause perspiration, thus helping in cooling the body.

Hydrate and Re-Hydrate

For both cold and hot weather, hydration is very important because both can cause dehydration. If you do not want to drink a glass of cold water during winter, the best option for you is to drink is green tea, cider or ginger tea. Ginger tea especially helps in keeping the body warm. For hot weather, aside from drinking water, you can also keep yourself hydrated by eating cucumbers and lessening your salt intake.

The human body is a marvel as it can adjust to either climate. Still, help your body by doing all that you can, and invest in devices to make your room as comfortable as you can.