ReddishWater heaters are some of the greatest human inventions – they allow individuals to enjoy bathing and showering with just the right water temperature.

However, just like any other mechanical and electronic equipment, water heaters can also malfunction and fail. While in many cases, problematic water heating systems usually just fail to produce adequately warmed water, there are some instances wherein they can produce water that is too hot – hot enough to scald and cause severe injuries, and even fatalities.

When Scalding Becomes a Risk

Scalding water may be produced by shower systems if their limit stop screw, the component responsible for limiting temperatures found in the pressure balancing valve, fails.

Improper installation and incorrect adjustment can also lead to shower systems producing extremely high temp water.

When water temperature reaches 120° degrees Fahrenheit or greater, it already comes with the risk of scalding the user.

Risk Levels and Severity of Injuries Due to Scalding

Even just small upward changes in water temperature already increases the risks and severity of injuries associated with scalding. And while the anti-scald shower valve is responsible for protecting users against this danger, it only functions properly with correct adjustment or setting, says Expert Plumbing, Heating, Air and Electrical.

However, if the water heating system is malfunctioning, the chances of this heating component failing to do its work is also increased.

Correctly Setting Temperatures and Maximum Limit

Newly installed water heaters should be checked to ensure their temperatures are properly set and that maximum temperature is no more than 120° degrees Fahrenheit.

Existing water heaters, on the other hand, should be adjusted regularly, especially prior to seasonal changes.

Scalding is dangerous, and can lead to both injuries and deaths. Once you detect a problem with your system, or if you have been delaying routine maintenance, call a water heater repair Provo expert right away. This way, you can minimize the dangers posed by scalding and also lengthen the life of your water heater.