relationship problemsThe divorce rate in the United States is a staggering 50%. Every year, thousands of married couples go through intensive marriage counseling hoping that their marriage won’t contribute to the numbers.

Is it Time for Marriage Counseling?

In general, unhappy couples spend years suffering silently before they decide to get professional help; this is one of the main reasons divorce rates are very high. What if they had sought help sooner? Would they have been able to save their marriages? How do you determine if you should get marriage counseling or just wait for your issues to resolve themselves? According to experts, it’s time for an intensive marriage counseling when:

  • Both or one of you is thinking of divorce.
  • You and your spouse seem to be stuck on the exact same issues and having fights more regularly.
  • Both or one of you is considering cheating or has cheated.
  • One of you is unreasonably demanding or controlling.
  • You lack sexual connection or sex in general or sex isn’t as loving or fulfilling anymore.
  • You feel undervalued or unappreciated.
  • You feel like you’re not saying or doing anything right, and every simple mistake escalates into a big fight.
  • You can’t communicate honestly or openly about things that bother you.
  • You start to think that being alone is better than being together.
  • You start to question if love is enough.

Get Back on Track and Rebuild Your Marriage

If you’re struggling with marital issues, you must get counseling as soon as possible. Every marriage has its own ups and downs and if not addressed sooner and properly, they can develop into huge gaps that may be too difficult to bridge. Normally, either because of shame or pride, unhappy couples don’t seek counseling early enough to fix their relationships.

Marriage counseling, especially when started at an early stage of a couple’s conflict, can significantly help in facilitating constructive and healthy communication that will help couples through their issues. By providing the right resources and tools to make more thoughtful decisions, intensive marriage counseling can help couples heal and understand each other better.