Veneers in LondonEveryone faces the music once in a while – the former Sex Pistols lead singer is not an exception.

John Lydon, a 61-year-old musician, was a member of a legendary band in England. During his career, people knew him better by his stage name, Johnny Rotten – a humorous reference to his oral health’s degrading state.

The heyday of the band distracted Johnny from his dental issues, but decades later, after the band broke up, he had to face the music of his oral problems.

Johnny’s Rotten Teeth

Simple veneers in London were not enough to remedy Johnny Rotten’s case of rotten teeth. Recent years saw the singer facing numerous dental surgeries, which included procedures for two abscesses in his mouth. As a result, Lydon had to endure stitches in his mouth and a temporary speech problem. Photos also showed the musician suffering from missing teeth.

Sources say he had them replaced with dental implants.

Obviously, the Sex Pistols singer had a lot on his plate. Johnny Rotten was tired of his rotten teeth.

Rotten No More

For Lydon (and other individuals in the same situation), implants are the go-to solutions for cases of tooth replacement – and with good reason. This gold standard is the most natural-looking out of all the replacement options; it also has a higher success rate of 95 per cent. It does not matter if you lost one tooth or more; it is easier to replace a whole row with dental implants.

Similar to natural teeth, implants get the support from the jawbone. Dentists insert the implant – a screw-like titanium material – into the jaw during minor operations. Apart from providing prosthetic anchorage, it also prevents bone loss.

In the end, John Lydon learned a lesson. He admitted to a reporter that much of his ill health came from his neglect.

What does he say about it?

‘Get your brush on!’