When people think about how they would like to upgrade their image, they tend to think in terms of short or long-term investments. Great new clothes, haircuts and shoes tend to be short-term investments. Cars can really say something about a person and they are a more long-term investment. But teeth, they are always there, always on display, always making an impression, either good or bad.

There is less and less favour shown towards people with wonky teeth these days, but wearing braces is also still laying oneself open to ridicule. What to do? How about getting invisible teeth straightening with Invisalign in St John’s Wood? This innovative method of alignment is available from various accredited dentists, including those at Aura Dental.

What’s so different about Invisalign in St John’s Wood?

Invisalign has 2 big selling points that make it very popular with adults keen to take care of their professional image. The first is that once these aligner trays are in place over the teeth, they pretty much disappear from view. Because there are no brackets and wires, but only 0.3mm thick transparent plastic shaped like a mouth guard, there is also less inconvenience when it comes to eating and cleaning the teeth.

This means that people who need to look good at all times, perhaps because they work with the public or are in positions of authority, can still get their teeth straightened.

It also means that lunch at work does not have to be followed by 20 minutes in the toilets peering into the mirror trying to remove food from behind brackets and wires as colleagues come and go.

More about Invisalign in St John’s Wood

Invisalign treatment takes a year on average. Each patient is provided with a series of aligners, and wears each one for 7-10 days before replacing it with the next. The carefully placed bumps and ridges inside each aligner press on the teeth until the bone is redistributed to relieve the pressure.

Patients need to wear a retainer for an indefinite period after treatment is completeto keep the teeth in their final positions.