Since the beginning of dentistry, people have been visiting dentists to improve their smile cosmetically as well as medically. Humans are somewhat vain by nature, and want to look their best. Way back when people would have their rotten teeth replaced by wooden, gold or teeth taken from a corpse, it was as much about the way it looked as it was about being able to chew. Thankfully, cosmetic dentistry in Edinburgh has made huge advances over the years and wooden teeth are no longer an option!

Anyone looking to invest in cosmetic dentistry in Edinburgh has a number of practices to choose from, including Edinburgh Dental Specialists. It is a good idea to choose a dentist that has a focus in cosmetic treatments, as they will be more experienced in helping a patient get the best from their smile.

A cosmetic dentist can advise on the best treatments

Whether it’s one troublesome tooth or a full smile makeover that’s needed, a dentist who focusses on cosmetic dentistry in Edinburgh is the best person to talk to. With years of training and experience, they are ideally placed to look at a patient’s teeth, mouth and face, and give them the best advice on the most suitable treatment.

A good cosmetic dentist will look not just at the teeth, but the mouth as a whole and even the rest of the face. It wouldn’t do to be fitted with shiny new veneers that look too big when a person grins. Facial structure, mouth shape, even the way the patient smiles, can all contribute to choosing the best cosmetic alterations.

Some unethical dentists may encourage patients to have treatments that are unnecessary, so they can make more money. A good cosmetic dentist will talk through all the options with the patient, and help them to choose the best treatment for their budget as well as their teeth.

A wide range of treatments is available

A large number of treatments come under the umbrella of cosmetic dentistry in Edinburgh. Porcelain veneers, teeth whitening and white fillings are some of the more obvious treatments, but things like cosmetic braces and even dental implants can be counted as part of the collection of treatments.