Family HolidayA holiday in one of the wonderful accommodations in Fortitude Valley is truly a wonderful treat. Enjoying yourself doesn’t mean you completely forget about your safety and security. Here are some very important points to consider before and during your holiday:

Choose Your Accommodations Wisely

Discounts and travellers points are always an inviting feature for most hotels and apartments, but you have to consider how safe and secure they are. It is a requirement for all accommodations and rentals to have their own functioning emergency exits. These should also have alarms in specific areas, along with fire extinguishers and even axes behind “Break Only during Emergencies” glass cases.

Check for emergency exit maps in your room and in other parts of the building, as well. The accommodations provider of M&A Apartments recommends checking these before you book a room online.

Be Personally Prepared

Your hand carry bag should always contain your most valuable documents and important items, such as your gadgets and medications. Prepare an emergency pouch that you can place in an easily accessible part of your luggage. Remember to include disaster items, such as flashlights, a few biscuits, small bottle of water, batteries, and fully charged mobile chargers for your phone. Don’t think of it as extra luggage, but as extra assistance when in trouble.

Don’t Panic

No matter how prepared you are for any emergency, it won’t do you any good if your mind flies into a panic once disaster strikes. Keep a calm head at all times. Pay attention to any of the staff assisting you at that time. Keep your family members and loved ones with you at all times; make sure they are as level headed as you are.

Having a good time also means that you feel safe and secure enough to enjoy the experience. When you and your family go on a holiday, it means none of you wants to worry about stress and the like.