Traveling in AdelaideYou think you know Australia, and you think you have seen all of it. Your tour is not complete if you have not been to Adelaide.

Adelaide is slowly catching up to Australia’s tourism. It is fast becoming the next spot for holidaymakers of all ages. It would be a shame if you do not take a quick detour and check out the activities to do in Adelaide during school holidays, as BOUNCE suggests.

Here are the top places you should never miss when taking a tour around Adelaide:

Adelaide Oval

One of the places every member of the family may enjoy (regardless if you are a sports fan or not) is the newly-renovated Adelaide Oval. This stadium held huge sports events, especially cricket. You may book a tour for the whole family to learn more about the best cricket stadium worldwide.

Central Market

Being away from home does not mean you should skip the healthy food. At the Central Market, you will find the freshest produce around the city. This may be a good place to go for a little break.

Adelaide Hills

Take a minute or two away from the city and head over to Adelaide Hills. Be one with nature as you find yourself in the greenest wine factory. Aside from the great scenery, you can also see Piccadilly Valley from here. While you are at it, you may also want to take the kids to a strawberry farm in Beerenberg where they can pick their own strawberries.


Australia is famous for its beautiful beaches, and Adelaide is not an exception. Take a cool dip when the sun hits hard. Some beaches have pubs and cafes nearby. For the ultimate family-friendly experience, visit Semaphore as they have playgrounds for kids.

The East End

What’s a better way to bond with your kids than a food trip? Check out the East End where you can choose from fine dining and local food to anything in between. The place also offers non-food items when you go shopping.

North Terrace

Take a little “intellectual” walk with your family in the North Terrace. This is where you can learn all about the cultural aspects of Australia. Check out the libraries, art galleries, and museums.

These are only a few of the many things to do in Adelaide with your kids. Plan your next holiday with this itinerary.