Man seeking help with addiction in RaleighHave friends and family shown concern over your supposed alcohol or substance “addiction”? Have you seen signs of abuse showing up in your lifestyle and even your looks? You may be going through the following attitude issues and they’re stopping you from seeking help. Open your mind before reading on.


The biggest factor that discourages one from seeking help is the fact they believe they don’t need it. Many may see the physical effects of their alcohol and substance abuse but deny it simply because they believe they are “in control” and can stop anytime. However, the fact that they don’t because they feel they “need” it, shows that they have actually lost control a long time ago. Admitting there is a problem is always the first step in finding a solution.

The Blame Game

Heredity is one of the main factors for substance abuse. Certain situations trigger drinking and substance use such as a hectic or toxic job or a stressful domestic state. However true these situations are, it is still an individual’s decision to stop and take responsibility for one’s actions. You can’t continue blaming others for your own choices even if they do contribute to the conditions that push you into it. Remember: your choice, your circumstances.


Being labeled as an addict, alcoholic and abuser can be a frightening thought especially for someone that has such a sterling public image. However, facing your fears now so you can find the right rehab centers in Raleigh, NC that can help resolve your issues is far better than being exposed eventually by misstep or a misdeed.  Besides, facing your fears and coming clean is still looked upon by society as virtues worth praising and emulating. Hiding will solve nothing.

A problem is a problem no matter how much you deny and fear it. The only solution is to accept that it does exist, seek the solution and follow through. In the end, you will be the bigger winner just as long as you keep moving forward.