Couple Holding Hands in MinneapolisIn one episode of Friends, Phoebe exclaimed, “She’s your lobster!” to Ross. The two characters were talking about the relationship between Ross and Rachel. What Phoebe was trying to explain is that Rachel is Ross’ lobster – she’s his partner for life.

Unlike other species in the animal kingdom, lobsters mate with a single partner for life. If you use this as an analogy in romantic relationships, it means your lobster is your “The One”.

After meeting a lot of singles in Minneapolis and other states, you now found someone you love completely. But, is he or she your lobster? How will you know if you’ve already found your lobster?

1.Best of Friends

One of the signs that you’ve already found your lobster is when you realize that your partner is also your best friend. The honeymoon stages of a relationship typically last for a few years. But if you can goof around with each other and trust one another completely, your relationship is bound to last for life.

2.Got Your Back

You’re lucky if you have someone who you can rely on in times of need. But you’re even luckier if you and your partner have each other’s backs all the time! It is a clear sign that you’ve already found a partner for life.

3.Shared Goals

Once you’ve found a partner who shares the same goals as yours, don’t let them go. Being in love with somebody who wants the same things that you do is a strong indicator that your relationship will last for years. No matter how much you grow individually, if you stick with your shared goals, you’re going to have a happy relationship for the rest of your life.

If you found someone who manifests all of these three signs, do everything you can to keep the relationship going, as he or she is your lobster. Make sure that your claws are clasped on to each other all the time, and hold on to him or her with all your might.