Your Teeth May Affect Your Love Life A date is the place where first impressions really do count. You carefully choose what outfit most represents you and spend time on your appearance, but whether you like it or not, your teeth are sometimes the first thing someone notices about you. Having crooked or stained teeth can look unattractive and gives the impression of someone who doesn’t take complete care of themselves. But there are solutions.

First Impressions Are Everything

The dental practitioners at Fresh Dental agree that a good set of teeth can do wonders to your appearance, with many of their patients wanting straightened or whitened teeth to help improve their chances of meeting the one.

According to a 2012 study from Invisalign, two out of five participants claim they would not go on a date with someone who has crooked teeth. A survey also showed that those with misaligned teeth are generally perceived to lack any social life.

In contrast, those with perfectly-aligned pearly whites are seen as accomplished individuals, both professionally and personally.

London dentist Dr. Tim Bradstock-Smith stresses the importance of a clean and healthy-looking smile, as “universally attractive”. “Teeth don’t need to be overly white to be considered attractive, just clean and natural looking”

Not All Hope Is Lost

With people hoping to meet the one, making a good first impression really does count. Having the perfect smile gives that person confidence and makes them more attractive.

With the many different treatments available, it is now possible to achieve the ideal smile within a few months at an affordable cost. Dentists are offering various procedures that are suitable for you depending on your teeth, how much time you have to dedicate to the procedure and your budget. They also offer whitening treatments which can be carried out once your teeth have bene straightened, making you look more attractive and feeling more confident.

Get your teeth fixed and meet the one.