It is easy to think that the benefits of fixing a mouth full of crooked teeth stop at getting a beautiful smile. Correcting misaligned teeth improves your oral health and safeguards you from a host of life-threatening diseases.

Overlapping, crooked, and twisted teeth pose a threat to your health. Gleaning from cosmetic dentists in Townsville, crowding often results when a mouth does not have enough space for all the teeth, leading them to shift to make room. In other cases, the jaws are of different sizes, resulting in an overbite.

While other factors can lead to such dental problems, they are often hereditary. Unfortunately, failing to take corrective measures puts your dental health at risk.

Heightened Risk of Tooth Loss

Misaligned teeth are incredibly difficult to clean, as such an arrangement creates lots of hard-to-reach places. Your toothbrush will not reach all the nooks and crannies with food debris. Leaving such particles encourages the growth of harmful bacteria and dental plaque.

Gradually, the acid from the microbial activity will erode the protective coating on your teeth. Other than making your teeth sensitive to hot and cold food, eroded enamel makes you susceptible to dental cavities. Due to the arrangement of the teeth, you are unlikely to notice these cavities until it’s too late, which increases the likelihood of losing a tooth.

Heightened Risk of Halitosis

Woman covering her mouthYou’re likely to have bad breath, which is often caused by lingering bacteria, if you have crooked teeth. The crannies between crooked teeth form a bacteria haven, sentencing you to smelly breath. It gets worse as the misaligned teeth create pockets between the gums and the teeth. Bacteria sneak into these pockets, making you susceptible to gum diseases.

Periodontitis is the most common gum disease, and it causes bad breath, sensitivity, soreness, and tooth loss. Food particles also get trapped in enlarged gum pockets and will produce a bad smell when the bacteria digest them for energy and reproduction. Dense protein food, such as fish, dairy, and meat, are especially pungent.

Heightened Risk of Major Diseases

It might come as a surprise, but failing to fix your misaligned teeth can deal a fatal blow to your health or well-being. Recent studies show a correlation between crooked teeth and conditions such as heart disease, pneumonia, stroke, and diabetes. It all boils down to bacteria in the mouth and bloodstream.

The sores that result from gum diseases allow these harmful microbes to enter your bloodstream with dangerous consequences. The presence of bacteria in the bloodstream triggers inflammation in the body. An inflammation causes extensive damage to the blood vessels, including those found in the heart.

There are more benefits to fixing your crooked teeth than improved aesthetics. More than giving you a beautiful smile, correcting your teeth improves your oral hygiene to keep your teeth in great shape. It makes it easy to clean your teeth thoroughly, which lowers the risk of cavities and tooth loss.

Best of all, it spares you from severe health complications that result when the bacteria in your mouth seeps into your bloodstream. By keeping your teeth in tip-top shape, you lower the risk of suffering from heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.