EventsHuman psychology is your ally in creating great events – especially true in zeroing in on the most fitting place to be. While the beach will certainly give people a sense of openness and freedom to leave them all relaxed, the right venue should deliver the results you need primarily – be it for a sales kick-off or a product launching. In this sense, venues can make or break your event.

Having faith on a function venue that’s tried and tested is right on. Above and beyond, successful proceedings are not the only things that define a venue, it’s the ease by which these things reach fruition that makes it remarkable.

Attracting Success

Booking an address that doesn’t even have enough space to accommodate your intended number of guests is folly. As Brand Consultant, Founder and Director of Public Relations of eM Productions, Henri Myers points out, “Does or will the event have an easy flow from start to finish?” Handling product launches for big global brands such as Speedo and Levi’s, the veteran event organiser visualises an event in its entirety adding that guests should have amenities to unwind like the bar for some cocktails.

Not taking into consideration the whole picture could be disastrous – exactly why concerts with poor exit strategies (e.g., Great White concert in 2003) claimed lives.

Banking on Great Reputation

A function venue that has for years accumulated great reputation should be at the top of your list. Though letting your imagination run could be worth the risk, a bankable function venue should be handy enough to not give you much of a hassle.

The fact is, the chances of getting a successful event out of an experienced staff and tried-and-tested facilities is a lot higher than in venues that have just popped into the scene.

A hotel’s extras, for instance, a scenic courtyard, a gaming room or a front bar, could provide just the right mix to allow guests the liberty to relax and put their minds at ease, raising their productivity to greater heights.