Landscape of a Sandy HomeWe all long for a fresh and welcoming exterior. We invest in high-grade, ornamental front doors, steel house numbers, and porch furnishings, and even take the time to re-paint the walls every now and then.

What most of us often overlook, however, is the outdoor landscaping, thinking that people would ignore it and pay attention to the house itself anyway.

But did you know that an attractive, well-maintained landscape could add as much as 20% to the value of your home? It can dramatically alter the curb appeal of your home, too, and even attract potential buyers if you’re planning to list the property for sale.

Apart from these, why else should you keep a well-designed and maintained exterior landscape?

Livable Space, Reduced Home Repairs

Of course, you want to live in a place that feels and looks livable. It has to be homey and comfy, and should have a good ambiance. Designing and maintaining your landscape will help you achieve that, according to Impressions Landscape.

In addition, a carefully planned landscape will boost the security of your home. Weeds and overgrown grass will only create hiding spots for criminals. And if your neighbors can’t see your windows, chances are they can’t see a burglar.

Well-placed plants around the house can reduce your utility bills as well. For instance, strategically placed shade trees can create a shield from the wind and sun.

Designing a Value-Adding Landscape

To achieve a value-adding landscape, make sure to work with professionals for the right design, and use the right type of décor and greenery. Experts also suggest adding defining borders and edges using stones or bricks, as these accentuate certain features of the property.

Add accent trees as well – those that have a unique, eye-catching shape or a great color. Fountains and lights are also great, if your budget permits, as these can significantly boost the property’s visual appeal.

A well-designed and maintained landscape will not only up the aesthetic appeal of your property – it is also beneficial to your pocket and your quality of life. Just make sure to plan it well, and that the design will fit your budget, space, and needs.