Believe it or not, your water and mowing techniques can determine the health of your entire lawn. Excessive water can turn your grass yellow, while mowing your lawn too low can turn it brown. Although you can hire commercial landscaping services in Canton, it’s best that you’re not entirely clueless about taking care of your lawn, especially during the summer. Here are a few ways to manage it:

Create your own mulch

Get a mulching lawn mower to turn grass clippings into a mulch. CNET noted that mulch tends to trap moisture in the soil, which keeps the grass cooler. It also acts as a fertilizer as soon as it decomposes. If you already have a mower, then you can let the clippings dry for a bit, then go over them again using the mower. Doing so will chop the grass clippings even more.

Mow on a regular basis

Allow the grass to grow a little longer than it should to reduce the stress of your lawn. You also need to tweak the mower blade setting a little higher to do it. One tip that experts suggest is to mow the lawn twice a week. Yet, if there are long periods of drought, consider pushing it back to the following week.

Water it right

Although it’s summer, many people tend to overwater their lawn. Doing so will cause the grass to turn yellow. You can do a foot test to determine if the grass has enough water. You can walk across the entire lawn and look down behind you. If the grass blades that you stepped on didn’t pop back up, then it’s the best time to water it.

These are a few things that you should remember when maintaining your commercial lawn. It’s always best to hire the best services to ensure that your landscape gets the best care that it deserves.