Dental ImplantThe prospect of having to live with missing teeth and a severely disturbed body image can sometimes turn into a surrealistic nightmare. One of the many reasons why people do not seek dental advice and assistance is because of some myths and preconceived notions about dental procedures. Whether or not these myths are well-founded precludes the effective management of missing teeth.

While a missing tooth may be taken as a personal statement, a full set of missing pearly whites can be detrimental to the bone of the jaw. Without stimulation, your bone might lose its density and strength, which can lead to a host of other problems. This is why dental implants are necessary. But why do many people shy away from tooth implants?

  1. It Costs a Fortune

While it is true that the initial cost of tooth implants in Herefordshire are rather expensive compared to other dental restoration procedures, its cost-effectiveness is best measured when viewed in the long term. While other tooth restoration procedures are relatively cheaper, you may need to replace them every few years. This is because they are not durable enough to last a long time.

  1. It is an Excruciating Experience

While it is true that there will be some pain and discomfort usually after the procedure, this will not in any way severely impair your capability to function normally on a daily basis. Consider it just like having a surgery where you will feel sore a few days after the operation.

Nonetheless, the pain and discomfort that you will feel will be inversely proportional to your level of pain threshold (and any concurrent medical conditions and your dentist’s overall skill in performing the procedure).

  1. Anyone can Place a Tooth Implant

As dental implant is a form of surgery only dentists that have specialised in dental surgery have the right competencies to perform the procedure. In other cases, an oral surgeon is also qualified to perform dental implant procedures.

  1. Very Noticeable

Contrary to what many believe, dental implants are just the foundation upon which an artificial tooth is permanently fixed. This tooth closely resembles your natural teeth including its colour and shade so that it naturally blends in with the rest of your teeth.

Dental implants are generally considered the best way to manage missing teeth or to restore overall functionality in your teeth and gums. It is also the best way to reinforce the weakened structure of your jawbone. By getting the right facts about dental implants, you might as well be smiling more for the rest of your life.