Whether caused by a random accident, a fight, or a sporting incident, a mouth injury could mean a trip to an emergency dentist in Mackay. Even if it seems there is no real damage, it is worth booking a dental appointment anyway as there could be trauma that is not immediately obvious or visible to the naked eye.

For anyone already registered with an emergency dentist in Mackay, it is best to call them first. If the injured person is not registered with a dentist, there are many that will treat non-registered patients in an emergency situation, such as Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay.

Mouth injuries in children

If a child loses a milk tooth, or baby tooth, in an accident, unless the gum, cheek or mouth are badly injured there is no need to visit an emergency dentist in Mackay. The dentist will advise simply waiting for the adult tooth to grow through. If the child is in pain, it is best to consult a pharmacist or doctor regarding pain relief medications.

What to do if an adult tooth is knocked out

If an adult or child has an adult tooth accidentally knocked out, it is essential to get to an emergency dentist in Mackay as quickly as possible. With speedy and careful treatment, it may be possible to save the tooth. In order for this to be possible, the tooth must be whole, and should be pushed back into its socket in the mouth and held there gently until the dentist can be seen. Biting down softly onto a clean cloth can help hold the tooth in place. When handling the tooth, be gentle and avoid touching the root.

Other dental emergencies

If part of a tooth has broken off, call an emergency dentist in Mackay, preserve the piece of tooth in milk and take it to the dentist.

Sudden, severe toothache should be checked by an emergency dentist, as should swelling, which could be caused by an abscess. A cracked or broken tooth should be seen to as soon as possible because it could be repaired.

If in doubt, call the emergency dentist in Mackay. Staff will be able to advise whether emergency treatment is necessary.