Pornography Addiction in UtahAnything that is too much is bad. While drug and alcohol dependency are the more common forms of addiction, this does not mean that being addicted to pornography is a less serious matter. Here are some things you should know about pornography addiction and how you can treat them.

Why does one get addicted to pornography?

There are many reasons why a person has an addiction to pornography. First, it has unique factors that visually stimulate the viewer that satisfies and relaxes allowing them to feel pressure. However, a look on how the brain works show that one’s craving for dopamine is what causes pornography addiction (and other forms of addiction). Dopamine is a neurochemical responsible for one’s feeling of desire, want, and need.

What are the common signs of pornography addiction?

A person who excessively watches pornography is an addict. This also includes watching to change their mood or get rid of depression or anxiety. Other signs of porn addiction are the following:

  • If watching interferes with daily work schedules or responsibilities
  • Withdrawal symptoms occur if porn use is discontinued
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Negative changes in behavior and relationships

What are the dangers of being addicted to pornography?

Porn addiction has five stages — early exposure, addiction, escalation, desensitization, and acting out sexually. Once you become addicted to pornography, your satisfaction level increases. This will make you want to look for more intense and even violent pornography. Then later, you’ll find yourself acting these things out sexually. A person may have to hurt or kill someone for pleasure.

How can it be treated?

Like other forms of addiction, there are a number of treatment options for pornography addiction. Pornography addiction treatment in Utah usually includes individual or group therapy, CBT or Cognitive-Based Therapy, and motivational interviewing.

There is a debate about whether pornography is healthy or not. If you trust your self-control, then perhaps watching in moderation is fine. Otherwise, you should try to avoid it. After all, things that could be addictive are better avoided in most cases. Pornography addiction, like other forms of mental health problems and addiction, has its dangers that it has to be treated.