Parents should help their children take care of their baby teeth even if they will eventually fall out when they get their adult teeth. Besides, baby teeth play an integral role in assisting kids to chew and bite food as well as speak clearly. Tooth decay is a common chronic illness in kids and teenagers.

With the increasing cases of dental cavities in children, parents try to find ways to prevent them. A relief for most parents is that cavities can be prevented by taking preventative measures and encouraging healthy habits and lifestyles in children. Use these guidelines to keep your kids cavity-free:

1. Limit sugar in food and drinks

The amount of sugar content in food and drinks that kids take is directly contributing to the increase in tooth decay in kids. Surprisingly, natural juice is also a significant contributor to tooth decay in kids. As such, parents should limit the amount of sugar that their kids take by avoiding dried fruit such as raisins because they keep sugar stuck between teeth. Instead, parents should consider giving children vegetables and fruits, especially the crunchy ones such as cucumbers, carrots, and apples.

2. Visit the dentist often

One of the most overlooked practices of preventing tooth decay in kids is visiting a dentist for kids in Utah County often. Regular professional cleaning and examination are vital to ensure that your kid is in excellent oral health. Pediatric dentists clean areas of your kid’s mouth that he is not able to reach as he brushes or flosses. Also, they examine the mouth for early signs of cavities and take necessary measures to treat the disease before it becomes severe.

3. Floss and brush

Some parents overlook the importance of brushing and flossing daily as a measure to avoid dental cavities in kids. Pediatric dentists advise kids to floss before brushing so that they can loosen the food particles that get stuck between teeth. Kids are also advised to clean their teeth for two minutes in the morning and evening. Parents can come up with fun ways of encouraging kids to brush such as humming songs, buying colorful toothbrushes, and using an array of fluoride toothpaste flavors.

4. Avoid nighttime snacks and bottles

You should ensure that the last thing your kid does before going to bed is brushing his teeth. Also, kids should not fall asleep with a sippy cup or bottle on their mouths. Encourage them to take water as opposed to snacks before bedtime.

5. Pay attention to diet

Kids eating lunch

Some types of food aid in maintaining oral health; likewise, others hinder oral health. As such, parents should pay attention to tooth-friendly food high in vitamins, calcium, and protein. Kids should also increase their intake of saliva-producing food to aid in rinsing away food particles and bacteria that encourage tooth decay.

Tooth decay is painful in kids, and it affects their overall health. Consequently, prevention and early treatment are the best ways to deal with tooth decay. These tips will help you prevent cavities in your children and remain on top of their oral health.