Dental CareA trip to the dentist is not always easy. You may even have to drag a kid (or even an adult) to get to one. Still, you cannot avoid them no matter how traumatic your experiences were with them.

You can always count on them to prioritise your dental health. You can also count on your dentist to answer the questions you have been dreading to ask but are afraid to do so.

'How do I know you are the one?'

It is difficult to pick the right dentist. One easy way to identify a good dentist is by going through the magazine rack in their office. Updated magazine issues will mean that the dentist is a detail-oriented person.

'Does my breath smell?'

You can count on your dentist’s honesty. However, unless you ask, they will never tell you.

'Do you like my new piercing?'

No. Whatever you put in your mouth increases your risk of getting an infection and it does not matter how sanitary the procedure was. Worst case scenario, they need to excise a part of the patient’s tongue. So save yourself and your dentist some trouble and avoid a tongue piercing like the plague, suggests.

'My gums are bleeding. Should I panic?'

No, but your dentist will thank you for asking this question. Most people often disregard their gums and live their lives with bleeding gums. Even the tiniest bit of blood can indicate a possible disease unless you are brushing way too hard on purpose, so it is almost always a good idea to visit your dentist about them at once.

'How is tooth decay possible even after I have cut my sugar intake already?'

More things cause tooth decay than sugar and one good example is smoking, which is, in fact, worse than sugar in terms of causing tooth decay. Another surprisingly major cause of tooth decay? Burping. The acid from your stomach can break your teeth down.

All you need is to ask. Dentists are professionals and they have seen worse cases than yours.