Woman from Austin with Acne BreakoutsThat zit on your forehead isn’t just the result of hormonal imbalance. There are many other causes of skin problems – and most of them are avoidable.

Here are five skin culprits you need to know:

Your Netflix Addiction

Binging on Netflix originals often result in late nights, followed by skin breakouts in the morning.

Not getting enough sleep doesn’t just result in zits but also dull-looking skin, according to Red Stella Salon. So, make sure to catch some Z’s after a Netflix marathon and don’t forget to visit skin care experts every now and then.

Smog and the City

There is something hazardous lurking around the city – and it’s called smog. Air pollution can lead to skin irritation, as well as other skin problems that need regular treatment. This includes acne.

If you can’t break your love affair with the city life, arm yourself with high-tech facial cleaning brushes to get rid of the layer of dirt that has accumulated on your face.

Your Boyfriend’s Beard

You may love your boyfriend’s beard, but that could be the reason your skin breaks out. Friction stimulates oil production on your face. This means that when your smooth face rubs against your man’s beard, the oil production can lead to pimples. So, make out with care.

Your Smoking Habit

Cigarettes deplete the oxygen levels in your body, especially in your face. This can lead to wrinkles, enlarged pores, as well as dry and irritated skin full of acne. Smoking can lead to all sorts of problems, not just for your skin, but also for your overall health, so why not do yourself a favor and just stop the bad habit?

More than anything, keep your skin looking fresh, young, and pimple-free by consulting skin care professionals. These experts can help you address pimples and other skin issues before they go out of control.