Perfect Shots for the Perfect DaySo your partner finally pops the big question to you and you both decided to have your wedding in the beautiful city of Brisbane. A few months pass by and both of you have made a team effort in finalising the rentals, the location, and the catering for the joyous occasion. This will be the best day of your life and you will cherish these memories for a lifetime. That means a photographer is an absolute must. But you want this to be perfect; so your only problem now is discerning which will be the best one.

There are a few things you might want to consider before picking the perfect Brisbane wedding photographer for the job. 

Consult with your wedding planner

It never hurts to coordinate with your wedding planner first before anything else. This will help you a lot in budgeting for it and they may even be able to help you do some research on possible photographer prospects. It's okay to go a little over budget if you really think you’ve found the perfect photographer for the job; just don’t go overboard. For richer or for poorer indeed, but try to avoid the latter part.

Be a job interviewer

Finding the best photographer for such a special occasion can be tricky, even when you’ve already found some possible prospects. This is the part where you have to actually meet these people and see what they have to offer. Check their portfolio, their resume, and their reviews as well if they have any.

The key to this is seeing their past works and asking yourself if you see your own wedding looking like what they have in their portfolio. It helps as well to do multiple interviews so you have your options open.

At the end of it all, it really boils down to preference, budgeting, and proper research. Follow these steps to the letter and you can’t go wrong in finding the perfect photographer.