Since the eyes are considered the window to your soul, the eyelashes and eyebrows might be regarded as the curtains. Just like the draperies on windows, the ideal proportion and shape for your eyebrows are the critical element for your facial balance.

You might assume that you need not do much if your natural eyebrows match your facial features. You should nonetheless still invest in some enhancements to leave them well polished and manicured.

Most people will invest in an eyelash extension course in Sydney but forget their eyebrow’s enhancements. Even the best-done eyelashes will not do much for your look without an eyebrow enhancement.

Here are some eyebrow enhancement techniques that can significantly boost your facial appearance.

Eyebrow Extensions

All you might need at times is to thicken your eyebrows. In this instance, you can opt for brow extensions. The extensions used resemble those for eyelashes and are semi-permanent.

After their application, it will take some weeks before they need trimming or replacement. The use of eyebrow extensions is among your most affordable cosmetic eyebrow enhancement options although they will need periodic maintenance.

Eyebrow extensions are attached to each strand of your eyebrows and will cover bald spots and create long eyebrows. Medical grade glue is used for applying the extensions, and the extensions are tinted to match your natural brow color.


green yes and thick eyebrowsThis technique is used for the replacement of individual brow hairs. A manual tattooing tool is used to make tiny skin incisions based on the depth and thickness you want with each hair stroke. Microbladed eyebrows will look natural when handled by an expert.

Microblading does not, however, have as long-lasting an effect as other eyebrow enhancement techniques and will need touching up every 8–12 months. It is ideal for those with patchy or thin brows and people looking for a subtle enhancement.

Ombre Powder Filling

This enhancement technique involves an application of several tiny dot pigments into your skin. These will gradually build the color of your eyebrows and give them a defined shape. The ombre powder filling technique uses a traditional brow filling technique, thus generating long-lasting results that work for combination and oily skin types.

People are apprehensive that the results of this enhancement technique are not as solid or natural, looking like those of microblading. Nowadays, however, ombre power fills are more natural looking compared with those used in the past and have the look of naturally filled in brows.

Hybrid Brows

This is a combination of powder filling and microblading. As a result, eyebrows are more filled in and defined compared with straight microbladed ones and less dramatic and solid than ombre-filled ones. Although hybrid brows are costly, the technique is ideal for people of all skin types, and bone structures.

Spending time every morning with liners, waxes, and pencils trying to enhance the look of your eyebrows is exhausting and does not guarantee optimal results. The above enhancement solutions are your best choice for saving time and getting the best-done eyebrows. You should, however, have the enhancements handled by a well-versed stylist to guarantee the best results.