Invisalign in IdahoPeople who are concerned about the position of their teeth seek dental help to correct these problems. Today’s advancement has given people a number of options for orthodontic procedures aside from the traditional metal braces, such as ceramic braces and Invisalign. Boise city has a number of dental clinics that offer Invisalign.

Choosing Invisalign

Just like other orthodontic processes, the procedure of Invisalign begins with X-rays, photographs of the patient’s current teeth position and dental impressions. All diagnostic information are sent to technicians who are in charge of creating a three-dimensional diagnostic model of the patient’s teeth with the help of a CT scan.

They fix the alignment tooth by tooth in order to achieve the desired position as prescribed by the orthodontist. After everything is approved, a clear plastic aligner is made for each stage of the dental procedure and then sent to the orthodontist. Invisaligns are more costly than the traditional metal braces, but some people prefer these because of its features such being hardly visible.

Sometimes wearing metal braces can also make people conscious from time to time especially when they eat and feel like something is stuck in their braces. It can also be hard sometimes as metal braces cause canker or mouth sores from the friction.

The Pros and Cons of Invisalign

Just like other cosmetic products, Invisalign has its own pros and cons. Some of its positive effects show that it reduces the accumulation of canker sores, plaque and inflammation of gums unlike with the case of traditional metal braces, in which these problems are usually associated. Though some of its disadvantages include treatment efficiency.

Patients could easily remove the appliance from their teeth and sometimes forget to put it back right away. It also limits the movement of the teeth which also requires bodily movement of the roots.

Caring for your teeth is important, not just for you to have that winning smile but also to help you be confident! With today’s advanced clinical operations and options, there is no excuse for you not to be able to maintain a healthy and nice set of teeth.