Eliminate Fear of DentistsTaking children to the dentist to keep their teeth and mouth healthy can be a struggle for some parents. To these kids, a trip to the dentist almost feels like a visit to the boogeyman. And although getting an Invisalign treatment from Redwood Orthodontics in West Jordan, for example, is a necessary step, it can still be hard to persuade kids to go.

So, how can you convince your little ones to show up at their dental appointment? Here are a few ways that can help them get over their fear.

Start them young

Make sure that you start taking your kids to the dental clinic at an early age. Doing so will make it much easier for them to adjust. They will also quickly learn that going to the dentist is not a scary experience. Experts say that the longer you wait to take your children to the dentist, the more time for them to develop misconceptions about dental appointments. Thus, increasing resistance from your children.

Keep things simple

Try keeping things simple, especially on their first visit. This means you should not tell them too many details. Telling them too much about their dental check-up will only raise more questions, which, in turn, can cause them to feel more anxious about the whole trip.

Also, you should keep a positive attitude when talking to them, but never give your children any false hope. Avoid saying that everything will be all right, especially when your little ones need treatment. Giving them false promises will only cause them to lose trust in not only the dentist but you as well.

How to avoid fear of dentists

Do a role play

You can inject some fun into the situation by doing a role play with your children. For instance, pretend to be the dentist, and then ask your kids to open their mouth and count. You should let them see their smile in a mirror to make them realize that going to a dentist will not do any harm. You can also encourage them to role play with their favorite doll or stuffed animal as the patient.

Be careful with what you say

It is best not to use negative words such as pain, hurt and shot in front of your children. It is best to let the dentist do the talking regarding these terms. Most dentists are quite creative when it comes to speaking with kids. They often refer to plaque as sugar bugs, as they explain the need to remove these from the teeth.

Do not bring them with you on your visits

Some parents prefer bringing their children to their own dentist’s appointment. But doing so proves to be a mistake. There are times when the parents’ anxiety rubs on their children, which can give them the wrong impression.

You should take your children to the dentist as early as possible. Doing so will make them realize that there is no harm in visiting the dentist after all. Make your visit fun for them by taking them to the amusement park afterwards. Create positive and lasting memories with your kids during their visit to their dentist.