A woman tasting her cooking in the kitchen Au jus is a wonderful light beef juice that is often used as a dipping sauce for sandwiches. People also like to drizzle au jus on top of a grilled or baked meat for extra flavor. While you can make your own au jus at home using a beef base, what’s even better is that au jus concentrate is available in the market. These concentrated versions are convenient for both storing and using.

If you like au jus, here are some more recipes you can pair it with.

Prime Ribs

This recipe is great for special dinners wherein you don’t want to spend the whole day in the kitchen for. You can simply bake your prime ribs low and slow until tender. Serve generous portions of the prime rib with some grilled vegetables, like carrots and green beans. Of course, don’t forget to drizzle some au jus on the meat slices for more flavor.

Roast Beef Au Jus Sandwich

Prepare your roast beef based on your family’s meat preferences. Hoagie rolls are great bread options for this recipe. If you want a little crunch, go for the baguette. Whichever you choose, go for a type of bread that is soft on the inside but can support the weight of the beef filling. Cut the roast into thin slices and stuff generous slices of the bread of your choice. Some people like to drizzle some au just on the meat itself. Some like to dunk the bread in the au jus before filling it in

Au Jus Beef Burger

They say if your burger isn’t dripping with juices, you didn’t cook it right. Here’s a clever way to pack in more flavor in the patties. Free au jus concentrate in small portions. You can use a small silicone ice cube tray for this. Now prepare the beef patties as you like them and then stuff each one with frozen au jus concentrate. Grill, bake, fry and build the burger as you like it. When you bite into the burger, the once hidden au jus will ooze out and make everything in the world feel great again.

Au jus concentrate is great to have in your pantry. You can make sauces, gravies and even beef-based soups with it. As it’s concentrated, a little goes a long way. The next time you’re grocery shopping, don’t forget to grab some au jus and upgrade your mad kitchen skills with it.