Thanksgiving DinnerGather around the table and enjoy the jumble of joy in your mouth and tummy with these tempting menus perfect for the celebration of Thanksgiving. From entree meals to desserts or even something in between, these recipes are sure to turn your dinner parties into a massive feast.

Classic Roasted Turkey

If you're going for a classic traditional Thanksgiving menu, then a classic roast turkey on the table is a must. The naturally tender and flavorful taste of this dish will not only delight your nostrils but also your palate.

Sautéed Vegetables in Oyster Sauce

Set aside the heavy and cream-laden casserole with this light and hearty side-dish meal. Sautéed vegetables are the best way to counteract the fatty and greasy food in your menu. The crispness of this veggie meal is the perfect way to compliment the tender and flavorful taste of any meat dishes you’ve prepared.=

Simple Yet Delicious Starter Soup

There’s is no better way to start your holiday meal than a warm and delightful bowl of soup. It doesn't have to be fancy or overly rich, just the perfect recipe to rev up your taste buds is enough. It can be a creamy squash soup or a homemade chicken soup, depending on what you feel like serving. Make it a little more special by adding greens and leaves on it. You may choose to use a chicken base, which is usually filled with a variety of ingredients to make your soup tastier and even more gratifying.

Mixed Fruit Compote

Though it is originally not a part of traditional Thanksgiving menu, the sweet assortment of fresh and nutritious fruits gives your guests a refreshing break from the salty and rich taste of other dishes on the table. The sweet and tangy taste of this dessert neutralizes your taste buds bringing more flavors to your overall dining.

Turn your Thanksgiving dinner into a feast fit for a king with these food suggestions. Whether you’re going for a traditional or more modern menu, these recipes are sure to fire up your palate for great-tasting dishes.