Vegetarian Body BuilderToday, more and more people are going vegan and vegetarian due to health and compassion reasons. As we all know, eating healthy should always be accompanied by proper exercise, most especially if you are trying to become lean and fit on your way to being a bodybuilder.

Building mass and muscle doesn’t have to be sacrificed just because you are on a vegan diet. You definitely can work around it and today, we will discuss why you should start taking a vegan pre-workout powder to help build your muscles.

Don’t be Scared of Calories

Almost everyone that’s on a diet or a strict workout is afraid of calories. There is some calorie-counting app in the market, which only proves that people are super conscious when it comes to calories.

However, as a bodybuilder, you should not be scared of calories. In fact, you should always make sure to get enough calories every single day, as not doing so will only make you thin and lean. Your body needs fuel for it to work, and if you work out often or on a daily basis, then you should make sure that you are eating enough in a day.

Ask your personal trainer or nutritionist how much calories you should eat every day to make sure that you are getting enough for your body and weight.

Know Where to Get your Protein From

Now, most people think that as a vegan, you probably aren’t getting enough proteins in your body. This is one of the biggest myths, as there is plenty of food that you can get protein from aside from just meat.

Chickpeas, legumes, quinoa, and egg whites are some of the most protein-packed types of food that you can incorporate in your vegan diet. You can also go for protein powders to make sure that you will be getting enough protein every single day.Being a Body Builder as a Vegan

Go for Short but Intense Workouts

If your diet is strictly vegan or vegetarian, then you should definitely go for short but intense workouts. Doing so will help prevent muscle mass loss that can take place on your body if you are solely relying on protein for your workouts.

Since your protein intake is a bit more limited compared to someone with a regular meat-packed diet, then short and intense workouts will work out for you.

Eat Lots of Peanut Butter

Now, here’s a good excuse to binge on that tub of peanut butter. Peanut butter can boost your good fat content, as well as boost your calorie intake every day. Go ahead and eat peanut butter with almost everything – bananas, apples, and even incorporating it in your oatmeal and smoothies!

Peanut butter can help build muscle due to its fat content and the caloric content that it brings to the table.

Always talk to your personal trainer and nutritionist about the things that you can and can’t eat as a vegan bodybuilder. Do not restrict yourself when it comes to the food but go all-out on the workouts!