Dive HQ Hibiscus Coast in SilverdaleNew Zealand earned its label as the “Home of Middle Earth” when the country’s awesome scenery captured the heart of The Lord of the Rings viewers. Aside from its enchanting plains and mountains, however, New Zealand is also a diving paradise.

The world under the sea of New Zealand is as beautiful as its landscape. With its vast ocean and diverse marine reserves, you’ll find it hard to decide where to start your underwater exploration.

 If you’re planning to explore the aquatic paradise of New Zealand, it’s best to head down to Dive HQ Hibiscus Coast first for advice and for the equipment you’ll need for your underwater expedition. To help you narrow your dive spot list, here are two of the best locations in NZ you’d want to explore.

Poor Knights Islands

The islands are abundantly populated with unique and varied aquatic life. The flourishing plant, animal and fish life is a product of converging warm water currents and thousands of years of separation from the mainland.

The island, which has volcanic origins, is currently a marine and nature reserve and is a pending World Heritage Site. It has the world’s largest sea cave and claims to have the largest insect, making its protected status well deserved.

White Island

The island is believed to be 200,000 years old and is the most active volcano in the Pacific Ocean. But far from being a fiery hell beneath the volcano, White Island is home to diverse species of sea life. The underwater scenery in one spot of the island is carpeted with soft corals and colourful sponges.

Its ocean vents release warm bubbles, which could entertain divers for hours. With the colour and diversity of marine life around the area, no one will be able to resist taking a photo.

With its subtropical reefs, jungle of seaweed and kelp, beautiful topography, and colourful variety of marine life, New Zealand has a lot to offer for any diving aficionado.