ChiropractorsAcute pain are basically normal sensations when your nervous system receives signals triggering it to warn you of a possible injury. Although fleeting, it can still cause severely unpleasant sensations. Those who have chronic pain, on the other hand, constantly suffers from such sensations. They can experience pain for many weeks, months, and even years.

Any type of pain can lead to serious consequences, including sleep deprivation, which then leads to poor productivity. The first thing you should know is that you can manage, treat, and even cure pain. The key is to establish the root cause, in order to correctly diagnose the problem.

From here, medical professionals can then develop appropriate management, treatment, or cure programs. Consider consulting with Eagan chiropractors, as these points below can tell you.

Pain and sleep

People who suffer from acute or chronic pain often have difficulties when it comes to sleeping. They may either have a hard time falling asleep, remaining asleep, or going back to sleep when they wake up suddenly because of a pain attack.

As you know, sleep is very important for the body, as it is during this time it recuperates and repairs damages sustained physically, mentally, and psychologically. So when you suffer from sleep deprivation, your body cannot fully fix these physical, mental, or psychological injuries.

The vicious cycle of pain – lack of sleep – and loss of mental acuity

Because pain-induced sleep deprivation negatively affects a person’s mental and psychological well-being, those who suffer from acute and chronic pain can also exhibit symptoms of mental acuity loss. Mental acuity covers a wide array of components, including memory, focus, understanding, and concentration.

Productivity requires all four, so when a person experiences sleep deprivation – whether in the short or the long run, his/her productivity level suffers as well. This typically means poor work quality, a decrease in one’s ability to make correct decisions and judgments. Ultimately, these problems can lead to psychological concerns such as anxiety disorders and even depression.

To fix these, one must not only overcome the psychological factors. It may have its roots in the body, too, so a chiropractor is ideal for making sure the physical side is working smoothly.