Hotel ExperienceMusic has the capacity to change the mood of listeners according to neuroscience studies. This is proven true in businesses that cater to rest and vacation.

Smart phones and Internet access with 3G mobile data and Wi-Fi has equipped travellers unlimited access to digital music. The popularity of the online streaming platform Spotify continues to grow, as it becomes the perfect tool in indulging guests in their hotel stay.

Origin of Spotify

The music streaming service mainly offers digital audio content. It originated in Sweden and expanded to European markets and the United States in 2011. It became one of Facebook’s most popular applications. As of June 2015, the online statistics company recorded 75 million active Spotify subscribers worldwide.

Spotify’s first move in Asia started in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong in April 2013. Its number of members has grown ever since. Consequently, accommodation businesses and others connected with tourism found a way to enrapture guests with Spotify.

Get the Hotel Vibe with Spotify

With the availability of Spotify in everyone’s headphones, how else can the app be used? Hotels, such as Tribute Hotels, a small luxury hotel in Hong Kong, found out they can bring their own brand of music to the table through the streaming app.

The hotel has a team of music curators that put up the albums Lenny Kwong, Mina Park, Dino’s Old Giants & New Greats, Alex’s Radio Sessions, Inasa’s Nordic Tunes Vs. Japanese Beats, and Ryoko’s Hip Hop Forever. If you want to know what an unfamiliar hotel feels and sounds like, head over to its Spotify playlist and feel its vibe.

With its music streaming features and functions, Spotify is transforming hotels to become a complete stop for anything relaxing. Spotify, music and hotel – what can go wrong? Search for your hotel on Spotify, hit shuffle mode, and get in the mood for hours of fun and relaxation.