Protein For Muscle GrowthDo you know why athletes somehow never run out of energy?

That’s because they always make sure to have enough protein in their body. Protein is their secret in showcasing a great sporting performance. If you are an aspiring athlete or plan to have an athlete’s body, you should start measuring protein in your dietary plans.  If not, you will suffer the long-term effects of protein deficiency.

Here’s what may happen to your body if you include enough protein in your diet: 

1. Protein develops muscles and burns fats

Protein contains amino acids—the building blocks of muscles. Amino acids help your muscles grow normally and burn fats at the same time. Many athletes take whey protein powders that boost muscle strengths and increases metabolism. Whey protein powders have better and faster effects than foods rich in fiber, lean protein, and vitamins. Athletes make powder shakes or smoothies and take them right after their workout since the muscles need to be fed right away. But before taking powder proteins, bars, or drinks, consult your sports nutritionist who knows a full-spectrum of sport nutrition solutions for better results.

2. Protein protects the heart

Studies have shown that protein reduces high blood pressure and protects the heart from arterial stiffness that can lead to stroke and other heart diseases. Women are advised to take 46 grams of protein, 56g for men and over 71g for athletes. But not all proteins are good for your heart especially the saturated fat from processed meat. The best proteins good for the heart may come from fish, poultry, beans, nuts, and more. Though you are taking good proteins, you have to make sure you are taking the proper amount because too much intake can harm your heart.

3.Protein makes the brain function well

Proteins help neurons of the brain communicate well. The neurotransmitters helping the brain cells work together are made of amino acids. As mentioned earlier, proteins are rich in amino acids. The food you take can affect how your brain works. If you eat carbohydrates, expect that you will be exhausted during the day. But if you take good proteins, you can surely manifest a great performance at work or at school.

Taking enough protein every day can help you enjoy its ample benefits. If you have strong muscles, healthy heart, and proper focus, you can surely be as strong as the athletes. But don’t take the shortcuts and don’t just focus on protein intake. To be fully energised and healthy until you get old, practise a balanced diet and exercise.