Women’s hairstyles do not stop evolving. Each year’s trends are mostly influenced by celebrities. There was the big teased hair of the 70s and 80s and then the subtle shift less intense and tamer hairstyle in the 90s.

While famous personalities somehow dictate what is in and what is not, women are still very creative and expressive with their hair, in their own way. They do tweaks here and there to suit their personal preferences.

Here is a look at the most popular hairstyles in the last 50 years.

1970s: Glam Rock and Big Hair

From hippie hairstyles in the 1960s, women went for the big hair look and glam rock style in the 1970s. With the explosion of disco music and the up do made popular by Farrah Fawcett and Donna Summer, more women started copying the big hair look.

This style is achieved using different stronghold hair products and continuous teasing of the tresses. This type of hairstyle may not suit everyone though and can be challenging to achieve for some kind of hair types.

1980s: Classic Bob and Bleached Hair

Aside from the flattop fade popularized by Grace Jones, the classic and simple bob cut made a comeback in the 80s as worn by Princess Diana. Many women were swayed to have the same do with an update.

The bleached hairstyle look of Marilyn Monroe also made a resurgence during this decade. More luxury hair treatment and styling products also started to come out for women who were becoming more conscious of their hair health after bleaching and styling.

1990s: Rachel Hairstyle, Weaves and Minimalist Style

It was television show “Friends” character Rachel Green who introduced the bouncy, layered square hairstyle, which was eventually named after her. Hairstylists during this decade very well knew who Rachel Green was and mastered the style for millions of women who wanted to copy the famed look.’

Aside from her, the weaves became a trend for African-American women. While there is still a hint of big hairstyles in the 90s, the emphasis was on natural appearance and minimalism.

2000s: Lowered Hair Intensity

The early 2000s was met with the explosion of emo, raven-black, coiffed and spiked hair. As the decade went on, hairstyles went from intense to the angular bob set off by Victoria Beckham to the lowered intensity and a focus on having long and shiny locks.

2010s: Definitive Styles

woman in bob haircut and gey and pink colors

This decade has seen older hairstyles making a comeback with updated tweaks to fit today’s contemporary lifestyles. There were the bobs, ombre and otherwise crazy hair colours, natural hair, long and lavish hairstyles.

These days, the younger generation are more experimental with hair trends and styles. But the focus now is going after hairstyles that suit one’s personality and lifestyle. There are also hair products that help women take care of their hair and counter the damaging effects of sun, pollution and chemicals.

Like clothing, hairstyles do come back in popularity with a few upgrades that are more fresh and updated. Choose a look that suits your lifestyle and preferences.