Images of witches with shrunken mouths and noses bent down to their chins belong to Halloween costumes and not to the happy smiles of Christmas. However, if teeth have been lost while flying broomsticks or just from eating too much candy, Christmas feasts are going to be compromised and by next Autumn, the witch’s costume is going to look all to real. When teeth are lost, dentures provide some restoration but with immediate compromises on lifestyle. Over time the jawbone also degrades, meaning sunken cheeks become a reality and not just part of seasonal costume. As Hogmanay starts in Edinburgh, dental implantsare a solution to avoid a permanent witchy look.

Edinburgh dental implants make Christmas dinner a joy

Dental implants replace the roots of lost teeth, creating a solid anchor for dentures or crowns to be fixed onto. The implants, in the form of titanium screws, are placed inside the jawbone during a routine operationunder local anaesthetic. Some preparation work may have to be carried out before implants can be placed, however, good dental surgeries such as Edinburgh Dental Specialists can provide all of the work needed and ensure successful implantation.

The real magic of dental implants in Edinburgh is the way in which titanium interacts with living tissue. The body responds to titanium the way it would to natural tooth roots, meaning nerves and gum tissue grow naturally, surrounding the implants and bone grows onto the surface of the implants during a healing process called osseointegration. The jawbone remains healthy and strong, with no shrinkage because of this bonding process. The knock-on effect for the remaining teeth is a stable jaw reducing the chances of further tooth loss.

Dental implants are permanently fixed in place and so are not removed for cleaning or eating, giving the recipient another chance at a full jaw of working teeth that can chomp through Christmas dinner without worry of their replacement teeth slipping out of place.

In Edinburgh, dental implants are making sure the only compromise to be made during the festive period is being the designated driver and that this winter is the season of healthy smiles.