Invisalign AlignersChoosing a dentist is an important decision because you will be going to them regularly and may also need them at times when you or your teeth are not feeling so great. It becomes even more of an issue if you think you are going to be doing something like straightening your teeth.

Maybe you already know that you want to explore the option of something like Invisalign in Essex at your dental clinic. How do you go about choosing someone to explore this with you?

You need to know the pros and cons

When you have a chat with you dentist, you can expect them to discuss the benefits of any treatment with you and how it will help you reach your desired goal. A good dentist will also tell you all you need to know about the challenges of a treatment.

Something like Invisalign is easy to use and you are in control but you do need to be very diligent with your cleaning practices and disciplined about keeping the aligners in for long enough each day. This needs to be more than 22 hours a day and so you need to be prepared for this level of commitment.

How do they make you feel comfortable?

Even though visits to the dentist when you have Invisalign are usually briefer and certainly quicker than appointments for fixed braces where they need adjusting, you will still need to visit the dentist regularly to make sure you are on track and everything is healthy. You should be comfortable with them and feel like you are being listened to and that your expectations are being met or, if they are not quite, that adjustments are being quickly made to rectify this.

Are the qualified and professional?

You can check that they are a member of the General Dental Council who regulates dentists in the UK. You can also check they are an official supplier of Invisalign. A qualified professional will always be happy to give you all the reassurance you need to trust in their credentials and experience.

You can also usually see testimonials and photographs of their work online or at the clinic so you can see that they are achieving the kinds of results that you want.