Woman Smiling with Beautiful TeethIt’s New Year again, and all over the country, men and women are making their resolutions. Quite a large number of them are looking in the mirror and deciding that in 2017 they will start having facial rejuvenation treatments.

This is an increasingly common decision in the UK, especially with the plethora of non-permanent, more affordable facial rejuvenation techniques available. And it’s not just women having it done. About 10% of the total number of British people undergoing Botox treatment are now male, according to a survey by rightclinic.com

This is why 2017 is the best time for you as a dentist to add profits and footfall to your dental practice, with facial aesthetics courses for dentists. Take a look at training providers such as the Botox Training Club which is based in London but offers courses across the UK.

People want Facial Aesthetics from Medical Professionals

The internet is full of pictures of what can go horribly wrong with facial aesthetics, which is one reason why people these days want to know they are being treated by someone who is highly-trained, really knows what they are doing with a needle and how everything connects under the skin.

With your in-depth knowledge of the muscles, nerves, tendons, skin and organs of the face and neck, as a dentist you are the perfect medical professional to offer facial aesthetics such as Botox and dermal fillers. Your skill and precision in rebuilding and recreating mouths damaged by infection, decay, accidents and illness gives you all the skills you need to offer facial aesthetics. And patients instinctively know that their dentist has a more in-depth knowledge of how facial anatomy works than the average beautician.

People want practitioners who can give them a natural look. They want to appear to the world as a subtly, smoother and more youthful mature adult, rather than a middle-aged person trying to look like a teenager.

Facial aesthetics courses for dentists are not lengthy. Some even take place over the weekend so that you do not need to miss vital patient appointment time. Facial aesthetics offer high profit margins for an excellent return on investment in training.