Working Mom in UtahWorking moms hardly have time to rest or treat themselves. How about aiming for both while getting an intensive beauty treatment? Here are pampering procedures that can double as your relaxing "me" time.

Hair Loss Treatment – Beauty salons, hair treatments centers and even spas offer these services and most of them are quite affordable and surprisingly quick. Whether you want to go all-natural that may take more return visits, or a quick-fix that may take a few hours, make the most of your treatment time by sleeping, catching up on reading or just ruminating.

Spider Vein Treatment – For some women, their legs are an asset that's almost as important as their breasts and face. There are surgical and non-surgical procedures for this service depending on how advanced your situation is. Do visit a spider treatment center in Layton like Davis Surgical Associates to find out which treatment package would work for you. And if you do choose the non-surgical options, do some self-reflection while lying down.

Body Shaping Treatment- Though there are a number of exercise or gym routines available even on the internet, some working mothers can choose to go the swifter route and have their body shaped while lying down. Though there are surgical options, newer and more modern non-surgical approaches that allow you to just sit and meditate while your body is sculpted.

Dental Work – This procedure can be so simple but the final results can almost always create a new you. Dental treatments such as intensive cleaning, teeth whitening and bad breath therapy can create instant change in your appeal and appearance. The same can be said for dental aesthetics or implants although they take longer to complete. Take advantage of your time in the dentist chair and zone out to relax your mind and emotions.

Having your own Zen moment obviously will improve your looks as well. Working moms do need internal strengthening and quiet times and it's only practical to do it while under treatment. Take a treatment and improve yourself internally and externally in one go.