SoccerWhen your team and the opposing team is going head to head, then the game changes on a red card and you are left with ten available players on the field, the 11 vs. 10 soccer game may be difficult to win.

As the team with an extra player not only has the obvious advantage of having a greater numerical count, they also make it look easy — much like what happened to the US Women’s National Team in the FIFA Women’s World Cup match against Nigeria last June 16, 2015.

You Can Do More

If you are facing such challenge, it may be difficult to deal with the situation. The players get stunned, the odds of losing the game becomes more likely, you as the coach lament the incident, and the media and fans talk about what might have been after the game. This pattern is almost inevitable.

The experts at Limited agree that it doesn’t have to be this way. In an era when preparation has expanded to every facet of the game, you can do more as a coach even if you have only ten people left out on the pitch. Instead of accepting your fate, there is still something you can do to win the game even with a setback.

The Technique for Dealing with One Player Out

On a tactical level, one way to deal with the situation is to sacrifice a forward. However, dropping deep does not mean you are preventing the other team from creating opportunities; if they are a top team, they will do almost as much damage in front as they can do behind.

If you want effective defense, take something away. That should involve limiting the opposition to one side of the field. Make sure your players can manage their body language, too. Give up space and simply let a team dictate play from side to side across the field, so you can give up the act of aggressive work rate.

This can make things difficult for the other team, and it boosts the morale of yours when you’re on the defense.

Winning with one man out is not about parking the bus — but being prepared and accepting the challenge ahead. And if you want to win the game, perhaps you need to turn this negative situation into a positive one.