Genital herpes is viral infections caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV).  A lot of people live with the disease for years without knowing it. Most of the infected people will develop mild signs, while others develop severe symptoms upon getting infected.

Ways Through Which Herpes is Transmitted

Unsafe intercourse. Having unprotected sexual intercourse with an infected person is the most common method of getting infected. In other cases, you do not have to engage in penetrative sex to get infected. You can get the virus by contacting genital fluids of an infected partner.

Physical contact. The virus can also be exchanged through the skin to skin contact with the affected area. When having protected sex, there is that area which is not covered by the condom or latex. This can be a pathway for the virus if your partner’s unprotected area comes into contact with your skin.

Oral sex. Oral sex with a partner who has a cold sore can lead to infection. Lastly, if you are an infected pregnant mother, there are higher chances of passing the infection to your baby during delivery.

Signs and Symptoms

There are no visible symptoms with most people. Sometimes they don’t happen at all. The incubation period of the virus differs in people. Some will show signs in a fortnight. It may also take months or years for symptoms to appear in others.

Generally, you will feel unwell with flu-like signs. These signs might be fever, headache, swollen glands and pain in the lower back. A stinging and itchy feeling may follow with discharge from the vagina or urethra.

Your genital surroundings may develop some small fluid-filled blisters. These blisters burst within a short time, leaving very painful sores. You will experience pain when urinating as urine pass over the lesions.


You might develop symptoms related to herpes infection when it is not. To be sure, consider a medical diagnosis. In most cases, the laboratory officer will take a sample of fluids from the infected areas. The fluid is taken to the laboratory for analysis. Results take about one week to a few days.

The other diagnosis involves taking blood samples and checking for herpes antibodies in the blood. The two procedures can confirm your fears about HSV infection.

Treatment and Management

woman with running nose taking medicine

Herpes infection is treated using viral suppressing drugs. The antiviral drugs should be administered orally. In the case you are unable to swallow, the doctor should give an intravenous injection. You can get treatment for genital herpes online. When you are unsure, contact reliable online clinics and platforms.

Antivirus drugs are known to suppress Herpes Virus if you follow the right prescription from your doctor.

It is recommended that you take a lot of fluid such as water. This results in less concentrated urine that will not burn sores.

Submerging your genitals in the water when urinating can reduce the burning sensation. Bathing with normal saline and use of the right analgesia is advisable.


The rate of new genital herpes infections can be reduced. Married people need to be faithful to their partners or practice safe sex outside. Use of protection like condoms is highly recommended. This will protect you from getting genital herpes. You’ll also escape other STDs like HIV/AIDS, gonorrhea and chlamydia.