Alcoholism, depression, substance dependence, and PTSD are among the top mental health conditions that have been notorious in not responding to contemporary treatment. In some cases, the mental health condition has escalated to such a high level that other medication cannot treat. In other instances, the much that this medication can do is only manage the condition, and not treat it completely.

But should that have you leave your loved one suffering? No. Must you only settle for a medication that solely manages but not treats the condition? No. Is there any way out for treatment that will have results, and results that last? Yes—ketamine therapy.

How effective is this alternative treatment?

As renowned psychotherapists explain, ketamine-assisted therapy can yield positive results. That means that it is a treatment option that will be worth investing your money in. You have tried other treatments for depression, PTSD, and substance dependence with near-zero positive results.

You already have spent hundreds to thousands of dollars on these treatments. Why not give your last shot at something that you will not have to spend your money on again? With ketamine therapy, the odds of recovering your mental health are higher than with other treatments.

Where can you get this treatment?

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Not every medical clinic has a legal license to offer ketamine-assisted psychotherapy. So whenever you consider taking this treatment, it is best that you consult your family doctor. Together, you can shortlist the few clinics in which you can have the treatment. From that, you can pick the one with the most positive reviews for their ketamine-assisted psychotherapy services.

It is imperative that you also ask your friends and family for recommendations for ketamine-assisted therapy. That way, you will have someone whom you always can refer to on how best the treatment yielded results. You also can contact the different clinics that are offering ketamine treatment in your area to inquire further about their services. It is best if you can have numerous clinics to choose from rather than restricting your options to only one.

Is cost that much of a factor to consider here?

Yes and no. There is way much to factor in your choice of a ketamine-assisted psychotherapist that cost is least of them. Do they assure you of results? How long will the treatment take? For how long have you suffered from that condition? Do they take the time to evaluate your mental health? All these are critical elements when choosing your clinic for the ketamine assisted treatment.

And, yes, the cost of the service can be a crucial factor, too. But that’s if you are weighing between two ketamine assisted therapy providers that have nearly the same quality of services.

In the end, the best option here is leaving determining the treatment schedule to the clinic offering ketamine-assisted therapy. They will first evaluate the extent of your mental health condition. From that, they will determine when and how you should take the ketamine-assisted treatment to yield the best results.