Hair growth injection


Dealing with receding hairline can be quite a struggle. Luckily, there are available hair restoration options available today. Majority of these treatments reverse or stop the effects of hair loss. But, if you’re experiencing severe hair loss, then hair transplant is your best option.

Hair transplants are a fairly popular procedure nowadays. They offer permanent solutions and they’re considered as a risk-free method. This is why it doesn’t come as a surprise why many people very much prefer it over the other treatments. While this is true, there are still preparations you need to do. This is to ensure the process will be a success and will go smoothly. To help you get ready for it, a hair restoration clinic in Philippines lists down those steps. Below are some of them.

Getting a Haircut

You might assume that cutting your hair before the surgery is a great idea, but it isn’t. This is in fact the worst thing you could do prior to your surgery. For starters, surgeons would need to look for hairs with good and steady growth. This will be impossible if you cut them all off. Having long hair will also help you cover up the scar as you recover from the procedure. Before you think about getting a haircut, be sure to get your doctor’s approval.

Drinking & Smoking

Not only is smoking bad for your health, but it may also affect your scalp’s recovery after the surgery. Additionally, smoking restricts the blood flow. This can lead to blood clots which can lead to profuse bleeding and trigger infection. The same can be said when you drink alcohol before surgery. You should be alcohol-free at least a week before the scheduled surgery. Otherwise, it might affect your body’s healing process. For smoking, doctors would advise you to stop the habit for two to three days.

Choosing the Time

One of the best things about hair transplant is it can be done any time of the year. As long as you receive a go signal from your doctor, you can start scheduling. But, experts recommend that you do it in the morning time. It is during this time that your body is most active. You also need a good night’s sleep before the selected date.

Taking Medications

Man undergoing hair transplant

There are certain medications which may run-up with the hair transplant. For this, your doctor may tell you to stop taking them for now. So be sure you disclose all your medical information to the surgeon. For at least two weeks, stop taking aspiring and anti-inflammatory drugs. These type of medications can meddle with your healing process. If anything, it’s best to consult your hair doctor as to which are okay to take from those that aren’t.

Take note of these reminders to have a safe and successful surgery. If you’re planning to try this procedure, the perfect time is now. Choose your physician wisely and do your own research to find out which clinic is the most reliable. You may also search for clinics that are offering summer promos to get more savings on your procedure. Remember, the success of this procedure depends on your preparedness. So be sure to keep these things in mind.