There is nothing stopping someone from achieving the smile they have always wanted with the help of clear braces direct in London.

Whether it be time, money or lack of confidence and fear of visiting the dentistt in the first place, a new system is in place, designed by dentists, but giving patients the freedom and flexibility to work on their smile in their time, all at a fixed price.

Aligners for teeth are fast becoming a popular method in straightening slightly misaligned and crooked teeth. There is no harm in seeing if one is suitable for the treatment, as a free suitability test is all that is needed to see if a person is able to enjoy this flexible option.

How does the process work?

By first taking a free suitability test, patients can see if they meet the general requirements needed to be compatible with this procedure. Questions regarding their overall health and oral health will be asked; as it is important for a patient’s gums and mouth to be physically able to take the changes that will occur.

There is no need to panic should a person turn out to be not compatible with this treatment. There are many different options that are available and patients who cannot have this form of invisible aligner treatment are welcome to discuss with their dentist the many alternative options available.

After the suitability test is completed, patients are invited to book a scan at their local clinic. This is an opportunity to ask questions should a person have any, they will be informed in detail about the proceedings and have a digital scan of their teeth done so that they will be able to see firsthand what changes can be made to the arrangement of their teeth.

The treatment plan and results of the 3D scan will be delivered straight to a patient’s door, relieving the need to book another consultation with their dentist and welcoming them to organise their approve their treatment plans in their own time.

Should they be happy with the plan as a whole, they pay for their aligners and they are again sent to their home for them to wear as directed.

At the end of the treatment, patients head back to the clinic for a final scan to see if more aligners are needed. A retainer is given so that patients are able to retain their new beautiful smile, as it is common for teeth to move back to their original position if not held there.

Are there any other benefits included in this treatment?

This modern-day treatment package knows all about the busy lifestyles of their patients. By tracking their patient’s progress as they move through the treatment, support can be found with a touch of a button thanks to the dental monitoring app.

Patients can take photos f their teeth and dentists can remotely match them to the 3D images to ensure that progress is on track. Another convenient way for people  to feel in control of their treatment.