VegetableWith the prevalence of organic products in the market claiming to be better and healthier than traditionally grown foods, you may be asking yourself if you need to make the switch. Of course, your first step in making the decision is to become an informed customer.

Here are reasons why people eat organic—there could be something on the list to help you decide.

Reason # 1 Kids who eat organic are healthier.

Children are generally more at risk of ingesting chemicals. The fruits they eat could be doing more harm than good if they’re not organic.When children eat organic, their young bodies are not exposed to chemicals like pesticide residues.

Reason # 2 Organic food tastes better.

Foods that did not go through harsh processes retain more of their robust natural flavours. Generally, organic food has better quality because of the soil, and the growing and rearing process.

Reason # 3 Organic foods provide better nutrition.

Nutrient-rich soil produces healthier plants. Organic farming is the heart of the production of organic food. Plants grown in nutrient-rich soil give you the nourishment you need to function optimally.

From the farm straight to your table, know your food is fresh. In fact, organic vegetable stores offer wholesale purchase to preserve the freshness and nutritional value of the produce.

Reason # 4 Organic food contains zero chemicals.

Organic farming involves protecting livestock from antibiotics and artificial hormones. This process puts animal welfare front and center.

Chemicals are not present in organic food. Unlike regular food products, all organic foods are free of chemicals, enhancers, fillers and other additives that may affect your health in the long run.

For better personal health, go for organic food. Purchase organically grown food—free of man’s harshest chemicals, bursting with more flavour and nutrition—to have a healthier lifestyle.