bicycleWhen you’re not a particularly active person, it’s hard to follow a workout regimen. The trick is to incorporate exercise activities that don’t feel too much like a workout. You can take up a sport or a dance class. Instead of taking a car or forms of public transportation for short distances, you can run or take a bicycle.

Cycling is one of the most pragmatic means of transport while being an excellent exercise activity. As for health, fitness, and enjoyment, the benefits are plenty:

Fun for All

People of all ages can enjoy cycling. Bikes shops Brisbane residents go to have options for young children, casual riders or extreme cyclers. It’s not complicated to learn and once you do, you never forget how. It does not require special physical skill to ride a bike.

Full-Body Workout

This activity may be low-impact, but when you ride a bike, all your muscle groups get a good workout. It develops your body’s stamina and strength without risking injuries. It’s so safe that people rehabilitating from physical injuries can still cycle, increasing the intensity as time passes.

Relaxing or Exciting

Depending on where you cycle, riding your bike can be a leisurely stroll through the park or an intense adventure through dirt roads. If you use it as your primary mode of transport, your commute will no longer be a sedentary habit, but a physically active one.

Promotes a Healthy Body

Much like other cardio exercises, cycling improves your fitness and overall health. It reduces body fat while strengthening your heart and lung muscles as well as your bones. It’s even a great stress-reliever, making it an activity that also promotes your mental health!

Keep in mind that physical fitness and exercise is a lifestyle. If you want to lead an active and fit life without spending any time at the gym, substitute daily things into activities that require more physical exertion. Cycling is one such activity.