interior design ideas
A new year means you have a chance to do something better or different. As you make your New Year’s resolutions, you can add improving your home interiors to your to-do list. This will not only transform your space but will also allow you to create a more inviting and relaxing environment.

Are you ready to give your home interior a makeover? Find out how you can do it with ease.

Go for the Colours of 2016

If you have nurtured and endured the colour scheme that you have in your home for years, then 2017 may be the time for a change. You might want to consider going for the colours of 2017, which according to experts, are mostly confident colours. Choose between dusky blue and blue-green. If you prefer lighter shades, you can make the huge shift to sunshine yellow.

Replace, Add and Revamp Furnishings

Since you would be having a new colour scheme, it is possible that your old furniture will be out of place. You can replace it with one that will complement the colours you chose. You can likewise add some movable pieces, such as a Chinese garden stool, which could very well highlight and enhance the look of the interior. Yes, this exquisite piece is not just for the garden.

Do Not Forget the Lighting

If you will be doing some changes with the lighting in the living room, HGTV suggests using lights that could easily bounce off the ceiling. This would be perfect for achieving ambient illumination. Once you get the lighting effect you want in the living room, you can smile at the beautiful sight before you.

Start planning that lovely change in your home interiors. Opt for colour schemes of 2017, add in some furniture (antique or contemporary) and do something about the lighting. These will ensure that you have a lovely interior for the entire year.