Hospitalist CareMost people have a primary care physician who knows their entire medical history. However, these physicians may not necessarily work in a hospital, nor would they have the equipment necessary for in-patient care.

Hospital-Based Experts

Hospitalists fill in the gap left by doctors who maintain a private practice and have to travel to see their hospitalized patients. They are specialists in their own right. There are pediatric hospitalists and surgical hospitalists.

A hospitalist will know the inner workings of the hospital better than your own physician. Emergency Staffing Solutions explains that they can easily navigate the complexities of today’s healthcare services. This means a hospitalist can process your admission more easily without you having to wait hours for your own doctor.

Bridging Communication

Hospitalists will be completely unfamiliar with your medical history. This is why, upon your arrival at the hospital, you are interviewed thoroughly. You will also need to inform them of any preexisting conditions. That said, they can effectively mediate between you and your physician. They will be able to quickly determine your condition and the care you need upon your arrival. Any action taken will then be relayed to your physician upon his arrival.

Because they maintain their practice within the hospital, they can take the position of attending physician for multiple private practitioners. The advantage to this is that they are always present and can act quickly to any change to your condition. Without their intervention, you will have to wait for your physician to arrive before any action is taken. In the medical field, this greatly impacts the progress of your condition, sometimes as far as whether or not you overcome it.

Better Quality Care

The primary service that hospitalists provide to the hospitals they work in is efficiency. Dedicated specialists are necessary to care for patient management. They can meet with you or your family, track tests and test results then take the necessary steps after. So while a hospitalist may have little to no personal relationship with you, you can remain assured high-quality care during your confinement.