mouthMany factors cause bad breath, or halitosis. Poor dental hygiene, health problems, the food you eat and unhealthy lifestyle can all play a part in this dreaded condition.

Unfortunately, with all the bad breath treatments that are now available on the market, only a small percentage of people suffering from halitosis are finding the right solutions. This is why it is important to heed the advice of knowledgeable breath professionals like Perth Breath Clinic in finding out what the best solution is.

Dental health and bad breath are actually strongly related. Other problems not related to dental health can also cause it. This explains why only around 20 percent of people suffering from bad breath are finding exact solutions even with the help of their dentists. Breezecare is one solution that may help people regain fresh breath.

About Breezecare

Breezecare is the innovation of Dr. Geoffrey Speiser, a veteran dentist who earned his Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 1980 at the University of Sydney. It is a system that specialises in treating bad breath. Breezecare is now present in different parts of the globe, such as the UK, the US and New Zealand. Professionals who work closely with the company established by Dr. Speiser manage dental clinics that offer this treatment.

Available Treatments

Dr. Speiser, with the many years he has spent on researching for bad breath treatments has developed effective programs to address the problem. The following are specific product ranges that can be tailored to each individual’s breath problems:

•KForce Plus Kit – Mouth Detox Rinse, Tongue Gel, Toothpaste, Probiotics and Tongue Cleaner

•Bad Breath Mini – Kforce 5Day Detox solution, Toothpaste, Mouthwash/Rinse and Lozenges

•Dry Mouth Mini – Tongue gel, Lozenges and Tea gum

•Tooth Decay Mini – Toothpaste, Probiotics, Boosters

•KForce for Bad Breath and Oral Treatments – Toothpaste, Tongue gel, Lozenges, Boosters in Peppermint, Breathguard and Detox rinse

•Dryguard for Dry Mouth Treatment & Prevention – Chewing gum, Lozenges, Mouthwash, Lip balm and Daily rinse

•Hygiene Aids – Tongue cleaners, Toothbrushes, Floss and Nasal flush

Even if maintaining good dental practices can prevent bad breath, anyone who suffers from it should look into more than just cleaning the mouth to address the problem. The cause may be something deeper than just not brushing regularly.

Asking reliable breath clinics about treatments like Breezecare is a step in solving bad breath. No one needs to live with this embarrassing condition forever.