Braces in North London used to be worn mainly by kids, but these days adults are getting in on the act too. So much so that there has been a huge advance in the design of braces in North London so that they accommodate the needs of grown people who need to worry about presenting a professional image for work.

Braces in North London also need to cater for adult time-use. Adults are much busier than kids. They often have to factor in time spent shopping, commuting, and the working day is much longer with fewer breaks. They need teeth straightening that can fit round them and such devices are available from clinics such as Denchic Dental Spa.

Looks count

While it would be great to live in a world where looks mean nothing, the truth is that they count and the smile plays a vital role in first impressions and all non-verbal communication. To have that smile out of action for months on end is not possible for many career-minded professionals. But with clear braces in North London the teeth are not hidden behind a wall of metal and people can keep on using their smile.

Brackets and wires

This is the traditional way to straighten teeth. With cosmetic braces in North London, the brackets are smaller and made of clear ceramic and are strung together with fine, tooth-coloured wire. These braces work best on the front 6-8 teeth, which only have one root and don’t need such strong forces to make them move.

Clear aligners

Looking like mouth guards made of super-thin clear plastic, clear aligners push rather than pull teeth into alignment by way of carefully placed bumps and ridges that press on the teeth until they shift out of the way.

These aligners cover the entire tooth, right up to the gum line, and once in place, pretty much can’t be seen at all. They also have the big advantage of being removable, making mealtimes easier and cleaning a doddle.

There is another kind of removable aligner that works on the front teeth only, sandwiching them between 2 spring-loaded bows.